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  • Hey, I often get asked what the most important thing you can possibly have is if you want to crush it online. My good friend (and mentor), Anthony Morrison, has just released a video that answers this exact question. Watch the video right here <— Now ill be totally honest this video belongs to Anthony so I can’t guarantee that it is going to stay online forever, but I do know as of right now while I am typing this email to you it’s live and online. Anthony has generated millions of dollars online so when he speaks I tend to listen closely… It’s truly an awesome thing that he’s given me permission to share this with you because there’s an old saying that goes something like this… “If you want to be a millionaire you should surround you self with millionaires and do what millionaires do…” …. well at least I know I heard that somewhere, but you get my point right? Watch this video right now because this is what a millionaire is currently doing. <— CLICK HERE Enjoy - DOTMIKE
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